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CocktailsnCanvas Ltd

Company number 10616066

Registered Address

Cheshire England SK9 2AG

Through CocktailsnCanvas we aim to provide an easy way to enjoy art in a fun social manner where clients can be assured that all equipment provides all they need to do is come along and have some fun. 

We believe there is a little artist in all of us just waiting to be woken up, just have an open mind and let the creativity shine through.

A CocktailsnCanvas (CnC) event is a night out with a difference, ideal for individual bookings or groups. Arrive at one of our specially selected local venues, grab yourself a cocktail from the bar, then settle down at an art station, which is equipped with everything you need for you to produce your work of art.


Kelly, our resident artist will take you through step by step painting with clear, easy instructions and a follow the leader approach. Our CnC team will also be on hand to guide an assist with any questions, which makes it perfect for both beginners or those with experience.


A waiter is always on hand to take drink orders and a food menu is available should you feel peckish.


We promise that you will surprise yourself and however hidden your inner artist is, we will help you to realise your talent. 


Meet the Team

Artist, Kelly, rekindled her passion for art as she helped her daughter refine her skills and ran an art club for 11 to 16-year-olds teaching different art techniques, history of art and to be proficient in the different art mediums. Check out Kellys Creations for pet portraits, prints and more.

Event manager, Monique, organises the events, ensures all our events run smoothly but will also help you with all arrangements for any private bookings to ensure you are your friends/work colleagues have a bespoke experience.

Artist assistant, Charlie, is a talented A-Level fine art and photography student, and will be on hand at our events to help guide you through the evening, inspiring confidence, and while offering her own tips of the trade if you feel you need a hand to move in the right direction. 


Marketing and Web design, Bella, helps out at events aswell as running this website!