“We just love it when Cocktails n Canvas hold their events at Brezo. It’s always a full house of creativity along with a great atmosphere.”
Anna, Brezo Lounge

Become a Cocktails n Canvas Venue

Hosting a Cocktails n Canvas ‘Paint and Sip’ Event can be a great way for a venue to boost business and attract new customers. These events typically take place during the day or in the evening and last for around 2 hours, during which attendees can enjoy painting whilst ordering food & drinks.
One of the main reasons why a venue might want to host a Cocktails n Canvas event is that it can lead to increased business. Attendees will likely want to enjoy snacks and drinks while they paint, and this presents an opportunity for the venue to sell more menu items. Additionally, many venues offer special deals or discounts on drinks during these events, which can encourage attendees to purchase more.
Another benefit of hosting a Cocktails n Canvas event is that it can attract new customers to the venue. Many people who attend these events may not have visited the venue before, but they may be interested in coming back in the future if they enjoy their experience. This can be especially valuable for venues that are looking to expand their customer base.
Overall, hosting a Cocktails n Canvas event can be a fun and profitable way for a venue to boost business. By offering attendees the opportunity to paint and sip while enjoying food and drinks, venues can increase sales and attract new customers.
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